Why my x-husband want to get back together?

Hi. I am separated from my husband (7yrs married) its been 3years now. But we are still married. I been with my current boyfriend soon to be 2years. About 3months ago my x-husband told me he wants to get back together (we have 2kids) he wants me to move with him to a different state and fix this family again. We have a bad history of cheating. And abuse.
Sad thing is that talking to him has made me doubt what I have with my boyfriend..
My boyfriend wants kids and we have talked about it.. he is also looking for a house for us..
Please help me. I need to understand why do I have doubt if I know that he is not a good choice.
Thanks in advance for any comments.


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  • Why did not you divorced after 3 years? Stand in front of the mirror and think about the ex husband, then about a boyfriend. Several times. Watch your facial expressions in the mirror.

    • Lawyers are very expensive.. since I have both kids. We talked about it and he agreed then when I file on my own he rejected the paper.
      Every time I talk about divorce he makes up some kind of reason as to why is not a good choice... he also tells me is not what God want for us.

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    • He has money but ita not something we talk about much... to be honest... we have been talking about bringing my family to this country.. buying a house.. and maybr adding another baby.

    • Tnx for MHG-

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  • He is probably regretting losing you. Move on with the divorce and don't look back.


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