She avoids my calls after going through my phone?

I recently went to jail and my girlf had possession of my phone. We have an open relationship so we are free to date whoever we want. Recently she went through my phone and found something (that I don't know), and now she's not talking to me. Again we have an open relationship and have only been dating for a month, but she said she loved me, and I love her too. I can't see myself without her and we are always happy when we're together but it's bugging me because I don't know what she read that would make her stop talking to me all of a sudden. Like I said the reslationship is great in every aspect. I want to be with this girl and if I knew what it was she read I could have some recourse on what I should do but since she won't answer my calls (or any other numbers she doesn't recognize then I can't move forward. I know that whatever she read, she is interpreting it wrongly. I've tried having other friends contact her and that doesn't get anywhere either.


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  • she must be jealous


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