Girls, do girls regret dumping an ex ever?

lets suppose the guy is a great guy, well not great but special, handsome, kind, funny, some of that masculine energy going on bla bla, good lover and will go to the end of the world for you, i dont know something like that, plus loves you like TRULY loves you, or loved you...
you are supposedly in love with him with the same intesity but then shit goes down you go to another state focussing "on your future" and you give up on the relationship because you slept on the idea that "is it going to work?" and you came to the conclusion it won't so you decided not to try at least and just give up.

But, does a girl EVER regrets letting go of a good guy? like, EVER, or they just dont give a damn about a boy being a good boyfriend and supportive and bla bla bla and thats why the don't care about letting you go.


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  • In my case, I DO regret of letting him go without even give it a try..
    He still be my best friend and I still ask myself soo many "what if" sometimes when I meet him, wondering if our relationship will be different now..

    • okay, one question for you... are you a proud egocentric person? who thinks you have the reason even though there's no logic to it? cuz my ex is like that and she can hurt you and still think she didn't do shit to hurt you and its okay

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    • - (bad version) It could make her feel more proud and even expect you to chase her back so she'll become more irritating than ever (in your case, it seem more likely to happen. *sorry to tell you something like this*)

      --> Next question. Actually how long you know this girl before you go in relationship with her? And how much age differences between you and her?
      You can PM me if you feel uncomfortable to talk about it in public.

    • i wrote you the whole story on message :)

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