Girls, My ex girlfriend wanted to hang out after the break up only as friends, but would act like we were together, Whats going on?

We started to get closer again on a level more than friends. Hanging out 3-4 times a week, doing the same things we did when together. She started to go a little cold so i stopped texting her first. She texted me again the next few days and would ask me to hang out, i did. We hung out all weekend and kissed and she stayed at my house even one night. I believed things were headed in the right direction so i began to ask her to hang out more often, each time lead to believe were going to, only to be met with bullshit excuses. The weekend we spent together I did not ask her to hang out, it was all her. I wanted to make sure it was her making the effort so it could not be seen as me taking things the wrong way. Now she has told me that i am confusing things so she has backed off and wants to be friends and that i knew that. She knew all along that I was not interested in being friends and I told her she was confusing things. I have not heard from her in the 5 days since I said that. What is she trying to do here?
She didn't state that she only wanted to be friends until after all of this happened. We were trying to hang out and get along, there was a lot if fighting at the end of the relationship.


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't meant they can't and don't Makeup and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And when two "EX" still share that X that mark this in their own heart, it can get confusing, for either One or the Other, especially when one of them Says... I am confusing things.
    You both are not Labeled anymore with "Real Relationship," however, you are still two birds of a feather who Only stick together. She is most likely getting cold duck feet with the feelings she still has, that are keeping her from being a total free bird in this breakup.
    Give her space, give yourself the same as well. When you both get together to Hang out again, it might be Best from the Rest to have a long talk and get on the same page or this could go South, where even a friend till the end will also go flying out of the love nest.
    Good luck. xx

  • It is impossible to be just friends with someone right after a breakup. It is only natural you will fall back into the same pattern of wanting to call her pet names rub her back or whatever.

    What was the reason for the breakup? She probably knows it was the right thing to do but having a hard time letting go. When someone is part of your daily routine it leaves a big gap.

    • She had had some personal issues and lost her job as well. After that she slowly became distant with me and everyone. She doesn't cope well and everything seemed to go south. I have never really given her space through all of this because she would keep in touch.

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    • I was there more than ever. She was pushing me away. We would hang out all the time, then she didn't want to see me for a week, although we were in contact. She would then act like nothing happened and things would be good for another 2 weeks or so and then go cold. This happened for the last 2 months of the relationship.

    • It's sounds like she is depressed.

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