To contact ex or not to?

My ex and I broke up close to a month ago but haven't talked in about two weeks or so. I really am struggling with not talking to him. I really want to reach out to him. I am nervous though that he won't answer and I'll feel rejected as he previously has not answered my messages. I'm pretty heartbroken. I don't know what the right thing to do is. Please any opnions or comments would be great.


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  • This is an excerpt from a myTake I wrote about how to survive a breakup:

    You drive by his house, hoping that maybe he just arrived home and you'll see him getting out of her car, or maybe he will be sitting on his front porch. Maybe you hang out way too much at the coffee shop he frequents or the grocery store where he shops. You're smiling because you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    What is your fantasy? He will look up and see you, your eyes will meet, he will feel the electricity in the moment, and he will run into your waiting arms. Wake up, girl, you're dreaming! Do you think he's going to forget about that 18 year old blonde cheerleader-type he's been banging 24/7 since one month before your breakup? When he forgets her, he'll move on to the next flavor-of-the-month, not you. That's what cheaters do.

    If you did get back together, you would have the same problems that you had previously and it would come to an end once again, but much sooner this time, for the same reasons. If you think something like, "Oh, we're different from other couples and I would work so hard that it couldn't fail," well, then. . . join the club. That's what everyone thinks when they reconcile a failed relationship and the result is almost always the same. "Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." (Margaret Mead)

    Any attempt at reconciling will just prolong the breakup and all the awful feelings. Are you enjoying all of this pain?

  • I always say use logic. Is it worth going back? Is it worth you tears? If resolution is what you need try to make contact. However if you can go on by all means move on. The answer lies within you.


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