I need some guy advice?

Basically I need advice.. Me and my ex split up but I was the one who did the wrong... It wasn't cheating or anything intense like that... He wants to be together but told me he needs a break... He left for training for a month... And I would think he'd be back but It's been over a month and he's still not around at all... I want to to call him or communicate with him.. He never gave me an answer when I asked him If he still wants to be together or not.. He just kept saying he doesn't know what he wants... Just recently things have been really hitting me... I miss him more than ever and keep dreaming about him... When I dream about him everything Is perfect.. I'm always smothering him In my dreams.. I want to talk to him but I I don't know If I should text him or something or just hopefully wait around and see If he comes around soon? What to do... :/


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  • I would suggest trying to keep giving him space, as tough as it sounds. I have been on both sides of break ups. The worst thing you can do is smother him, it will only drive him away more. If you must text him, just keep it short for now, just to open the lines of communication, then go from there.


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