Do guys feel self conscious when they like 2 girls at the same time?

do guys feel self conscious when they like 2 girls once?When they have to see both of them at the same time everyday?


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  • Well, I have certainly had to rein myself in at times. There are two girls I like in a certain club, and if I make a move on A while B is in the room, I feel like I'm going to ruin my chances with B because if I ever ask her out after A, then B will always feel like she was my "second choice", and she wouldn't feel appreciated. I wouldn't want to make any girl feel like they were my second choice, so I try to avoid showing any appreciation for girls whenever two I like are in the same room. A girl should always feel like they're number one, not a Plan B, that's a guy's responsibility to make them feel like that, even if it takes a little work to create that illusion.


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