What is he thinking?

Okay, cut a long story short. Me and my boyfriend of 5 years broke up, we have a baby and I'm pregnant, about a week after we broke up I found out he was with a girl who he worked with and spent every night there. During the break up things got extremely childish, I would tell him I hated him, then missed him, he would tell me he hated me and would never get back with me, all the good stuff, our child sleeps there on alternate weekends, and I got her back today,
Out of the blue, considering we have been broke up for 3 months now, he texts me and asks how our child is. I said she's fine. About an hour later he texts me
"I'm thinking twice about this relationship with my gf"
I didn't answer, he knows I've read it but I just don't want to get into his personal life anymore, I'm just staying civil for our children.
So why did he tell me that? To get st me? Does he still thinks I'm his friend and I'm there for advice?
He said some horrible things, like he hopes I die in childbirth like my dad (my dad died from cancer, it was painful)
That I'm ugly and fat
A bad mother
All the childish play ground stuff. What is going through his mind.
I've seen his new girlfriend and she is stunning, pure beauty. So why is he texting me? I've made it clear I don't want to know anymore


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  • Omg those things are not forgivable


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