How should I turn down my ex?

We broke up a year ago, and now he´s reaching out to me saying i´m the love of his life, etc. The thing is i don´t feel anything for him anymore, and i´ve told him so, but he insists and he´s beginning to annoy me now.
How do i turn down without being mean?


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  • Sometimes it is okay to be mean. In the long run it may be nicer to him if you are blunt and tell him to get lost than if you try to stay nice to him by letting him think he has a chance.

    • I see your point, cause even if i´m nice just so i don´t hurt him he will think he still has a chance, and it´ll be worse afterwards. Thanks (:

    • sure thing.

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  • Just be honest, you dont have to be mean, but dont sugarcoat it if you really mean it. Nothing worse than thinking you have a chance when you dont.

    • Thanks a lot, its true, i´ll try to do that

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