I've just broke up with my boyfriend?

We both decided to call it off as he was so distance, he didn't want too but had too due to us living about 3 hours away and him working a lot. We hardly spoke properly for 2 weeks, so we ended it today. Yet he wanted to see me for one last time I told him no as it won't feel right, he said that I'm perfect and he didn't want to lose me, but we decided it's time to go our own way, but he was asking if we could still talk and I said I don't know. Do you think he will miss or regret breaking up? We were together for a year.
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  • He will get over you
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  • I voted other. I wanted to say all of the above.

    I think he likes you but will get over you in time. I think he is trying to hold on even though it's tough to work out schedules and you want to leave because it's not fair for you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted A. Because you stated he wanted to see you one last time and he also didn't want to lose you. You mentioned it was a mutual break up, but it sounds like it was more your decision, based on what you wrote here.


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  • Yeah I don't know. 3 hour relationships, just, don't work


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