Am I acting like a crazy person?

I texted her this. It felt good at the time but now I feel unsure and that I am being a cyber bully:

"You said you would give me 100% if I bailed you out. And you agreed. I don't even see you at all anymore. Harold doesn't even answer my fucking questions. The whole deal wasn't for you to go running back to Austin once you get out. You tried so hard to not live with me. I feel like I am crossing boundaries for things I have rights to do like knowing what is happening to my bail money.
You think all I wanted was to have sex with you but if that was true then I would've done that three years ago when I first met you. I thought you were a good person and girl who was different but I keep getting dissapointed.
I feel like you, Lloyd and everyone are giggling like little girls together like you plotted everything because you think I'm some huge chump who has no clue about what's going on.
I can't believe I helped you when their is no reason to justify it.
You have no respect for me or my dignity. I feel like if I died then you would take a shit on my grave for helping you out. I am nothing to you and it makes me sad."


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  • You obviously feel something is not right. But unless you hAve proof of everything you say she is doing, then yes a bit crazy.


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  • It depends on what your definition of crazy is lol. For real, I dated a woman in prison for about two years and supported her financially. I met her on a pen pal sight. She gets out next year. I started getting the feeling I was being used and broke up with her. I know what you feel. Just cut her out of your life. If there's a way to get your money back and have her put back in jail I'd do it. Good luck


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  • Yeah man u cray.


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