How can I get my girl back and do I still deserve her?

My girlfriend broke up with me last night. She said i wasn't treating her right and i need to spend more time with her. I only see her once a week and she said that was not enough, i promised her things for 3 months but didn't come through because i was busy.

She said that i wasn't treating her right cause when i got mad i would take it out on her which is not true. I did yell at her but not take it out on her. She says that for the past month she felt so lonely cause i never sent her a text saying she was beautiful.

I still love this girl so much and am willing to sacrifise for her. I cried when she told me this and i told her i would promise her i would do things better and spend more time with her. She said she will thing about it. What other things can i do to show my love?


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  • All she's gotten from you are empty promises.

    I'd not be keen on continuing a relationship with a man who never kept his word.

    • you have the right to that, i couldnt keep my promises when i told her we would hang out but i really need the money. Now i can take some days off work. I go to school and work 2 jobs but i'm willing to quit one of my jobs for her. I would 100% treat her better

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    • Depends on her.

    • She said she would be willing to talk to me on Thursday and i want to really make things right again

  • What some guys fail to realize is us females just want consistency. If you're consistent then she'll cherish you. Reassurances as well, it lets us know you acknowledge, know, and appreciate us being there. Nobody male or female like being let down by the person they love, to only get told things will change when they don't. Your actions wasn't matching your words so maybe you should just give her some space for now. You can send cute meaningful message that's a small gestures that means a lot. Show her you appreciate her show her you don't take her for granted show her you're sorry show her you apologize show her you acknowledge your wrong doing... show her you changed. Less talking more doing!

    • oh i will send those messages. I'm going to quit one of my two jobs. I needed the money and i had 2 jobs and go to school. I will quit 1 job cause i got cash now and i CAN spend more itme with her now. I feel like such an ass for doing this to her :( she said she felt lonely and as if i wasn't even there :( I know i will treat her bette rnow, i dont want to lose her. IF SHE DOES text me back, should i go to her house with rosses or is that too much? rosses and a hand written card?

    • Flowers are a great gestures, maybe send her edible arrangements. Think of things she told you she liked (food, hobbies, music) and try to plan a day around her favorite things to do. I'm dealing with a similar situation but in my case my guy just doesn't get the hint and it's hurtful. So to see you actually fighting for your girl is amazing and I wish you luck

    • ok thank you so much. Yes i know what she wanted to do and if she is willing to talk to me tomorrow i will bring her on a nice date with the things she wanted to do. The whole day will be dedicated to her. I"ll call her in a bit.

      I hope yours guy doesn't do what i did cause it sucks :( i feel so sad and mad at myself. I hope she doesn't let me go forever :( I'am willing to do everything she wants on Thursday and pay for everything. She means the world to me so i hope what i do Thursday is good.

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