He let me go so easily?

I broke off my relationship w/the 1st man that gave my heart to. I felt I was taken for granted, I approached him about how I felt and he didn't even seem to care. When I broke up w/him he told me he couldn't force me into the relationship. This was difficult for me how indifferent he was to my break up. He called me later telling me how much he cared and making all these grand promises about changing. Later he messaged me (after I messaged about my stuff), how I broke his heart and used him. Last week he sent me a message how much he misses me and wishes things could have been different. All through the relationship he always said how different I was, that I was a genuine person who really loved and cared about him. He wanted me. Is it normal that he isn't even trying for the girl he really cares about? Heck he was willing to buy me a ring to win me back. Did he ever care that much?
Just to add 10 min following the break up, he removed all my photos off his Face book.


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  • From your description of events, he has a very self-centered view of things. The first time you told him he couldn't be bothered, and now that he misses you (especially if you were providing him services he still needs but no longer has access to) then suddenly he has this realization of how important you are to him. Removed photos off of facebook? What a drama queen! They are still apart of his life, a documentation of the way things were. Why be ashamed?

    Even when I was 18 I knew what a girl meant to me enough to tell her breaking up was a bad idea or a good idea when it came up. Is he really that mature? How old is this guy?

    I think you may be better served letting this fish back into the sea and getting another guy.

    • I also got rid of his pics on my FB, then again I feel like it's never a good idea to keep the photos. W/his old ex he took forever to delete photos of them in his pictures.

    • I see. How does that make you feel?

    • It definitely bothered me that he never deleted his ex's pictures especially given that she was kind of nasty to him.

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  • It does seem like he cared. You seem needy and controlling. What was he taking for granted?


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  • I would have done the same. It's not in right man nature to beg for anything. If you love him, why you broke up with him. You wanted to manipulate? Draw lessons for a new relationship.

  • He is a man, he is not going to beg for you back.
    He is getting on with his life

  • Yes he did. You didn't give him your all.


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