When is it too soon to go after a girl you like?

Need advice on this subject, never had a girlfriend so I am looking for advice on how to change that? I have actually dated before, but never really moved past the whole friends stage.


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  • It really is never too early. Just try to show her how you feel, or better yet, just tell her.

    • The thing is wouldn't that be creepy if you just come out of the blue and say I like you.

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    • Well I was referring to a girl that you just happened to see and don't know.

    • Ah in that case wait. how long, it depends. I would say once you are considered at least aquaintances you can make your move.

What Guys Said 1

  • Its never too soon man, when you know you want her, need, her, and like her, you have to go on and try to get her. You don want another guy stepping up his game and take that happiness away from you man good luck.


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