Do you think he really loves me?

Im a high school student, and i got boyfriend 5 years older than me which is 21 now. He always ask to meet me so many time, but i always refuse because my mom won't let me to meet him. No one knows about him except my bestfriend. But this time when i say no, he decide to over our relationship and blocked me on facebook and whatsapp. Do you will do the same if you in his position? but why he can't understand my situation. Do you think his action is right?


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  • I wouldn't do that.
    But realistically, what did he expect when going out with a minor?

    His huge reaction shows that he didn't have much feelings for you.
    I think blocking is a bit extreme.
    It's not like you deliberately took it upon yourself not to see him.
    You live in a home, you are a child, you have to follow your parents rules.
    I'm pretty sure the same thing went for him when he was 16.
    He should have understood that.

    • If he wants someone who has more freedom, he needs to get a girl over the age of 18.

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  • no 21 yr old should be involved with you at 16. this guy most probably wanted sex, because lets face it you are not going to be mature enough for a relationship at this stage and he knows it.

    Your mum did you a favour. forget this guy he is a chump and he would only have hurt you. find guys that are your own age and dont do anything stupid like sleep with one of them when you're young

  • Yes i think

  • NO he does not like you he just wants into your pants. So man girls died meeting someone from online during the MySpace rapings.


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  • Firstly, you are sixteen which is hard on him enough because it can count as him being pedofilic. then there's also the fact that you are still in school for another two years and have refused to see him in real life multiple times which is a big deal breaker even if he understands your situation how much do you think he can take? Do you think he's going to be able to handle that for another two years?
    Have you met him in real life or is this an online thing. If it's online you need to let it go and not try to come into contact with him again. If you've met him in real life more than four times then it's a little different.
    No, I don't think he loves you. I don't think you love him either and it's going to be a while before you truly love anyone. That's the honest truth. Love isn't an emoji, you can't just fling it around. You may have feelings for him and they might be strong but he needs a woman not a sixteen year old girl and you need a guy within two years of your age until you leave school at least.
    I wish you all the best and hope that you deal with this very wisely. :)


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