Does he still love me even with what's been happening?

Okay so where do I begin on the relationship we had. My ex and I dated for a year and of course we had our fights. We broke up (for one week) before our one year anniversary and than got back together. Not even a month later he dumps me over a text message (AGAIN). Well now we've been apart for a month now and he keeps wearing the stuff I bought him. He "dated" my "friend" - I was told he was trying to get my attention. He never stops talking about me, he can't listen to his favorite bands without me coming to mind and than when I come to mind he cries. He goes to the spot we used to hang out at a lot too. At this point I basically feel numb about him but at times I still cry and i truly miss being with him. The relationship wasn't the best, matter of fact we made each other block and delete people. We did have our fights but no relationship is perfect. Also he hasn't deleted his pictures of me off the dropbox account we share. What does this all mean? Does he still love me even though he says he doesn't? What are some ways I could get his attention without hurting him or myself?


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  • You don't have to get his attention. If he wanted to be with you he would be. These roller coaster relationships never work in the end

    • Yeah that's what I'm getting at. He just stopped today when trying to get my attention (finally) so I guess moving on is all I have left.

    • I'm sorry

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  • Hello,
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  • It sounds unhealthy you should try to focus on yourself and move on you are young enjoy your freedom

    • that's what I'm planning on doing. I'm enjoying my high school days before they end (and the parties lol) thank you for the help

    • Your very welcome enjoy those days pass quickly👌☺

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