Matching with ex on tinder?

if you had broken up with your ex, told them you still had feelings but didn't want a relationship then had a huge fight because you had led her on about getting back together, so youd ended on really bad terms and were not in contact at all anymore, why would you swipe yes to her on tinder? I can't work out why, he knows how much he hurt me?


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  • Why the fuck did you swipe yes?

    • I didn't but you can tell if someone has liked you if everytime you close the app they are one of the first people that come up when you reopen it. i haven't swiped either way but i can only swipe one person each time before he's back.

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    • I still have feelings for him, just don't wanna swipe either way even though that's silly. just wondering why he's swiped yes, if you have any ideas?

    • Could be any reason under the sun. He could want you back, or just be trying to fuck you because he's striking out with other women, maybe he's nostalgic, lonely lately and depressed, maybe he only now knows you mean something, or maybe he wants you to swipe yes so he can fuck with your head. NO ONE CAN KNOW.
      If you want him back don't involve us, swipe yes and talk to him.

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