If a guy didn't want too?

Break up with but had too due to living too far and getting too much to travel/money wise, even though we both decided together, he was saying I should move on and be happy and to forget about him and wished me best for the future. Even though he still wanted to keep in touch with me, by texting/Facebook, does he still have feelings as could we ever get back together? He was on/off with his ex girlfriend years ago. Plus he liked a picture on my Facebook so I guess he still thinks of me even though he hasn't messaged, I just need to know where I stand and if to move on?
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  • I would say yes he still has feelings, but then it depends if these feelings persist even after a period of time then there is a chance to get back together otherwise not, but then why would you be willing to wait and see, say for 6 months or a year? right it won't make much sense, I think that's why he wanted you to be happy and move on. Hence if you are willing to wait and see then you can but if you want to move on keeping his words in mind then you can do that as well.

  • If he is saying move on, then move on. He may still have some feelings, but they will fade too.


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