What are some things I could do to take my mind off things?

So this weekend I will be home alone all weekend, we are also in the process of moving house so it's pretty much empty. I've just gone through a break up which im still really sad about and I know that he will be at a party this weekend so I dont want to be sitting alone in a big empty house thinking about him talking to all these girls. I know the obvious thing is to spend time with friends/family but I don't know many people in this town as I only moved a few months ago and the people I do know are busy. What are some activities I could do to take my mind off things? Any ideas appreciated :)


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  • When i feel like this i generally like to write a blog about something. Can be anything... writing soothes me. Try it


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  • I would volunteer somewhere so you can meet new people or maybe try drawing, painting, make jewelry, take pictures, read a good book, write a story, go to the gym, go swimming, go bike riding, explore the new place you're in. Do something that makes you happy and that you enjoy.


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