Does this mean he doesn't care about me anymore?

I thought we were back together because he said he wanted me and loved me and never wanted to lose me. So for almost a month everything goes good and he texts me almost everyday, and he just seemed like he cared more then before. He even texted me while he was at work which he would never have done before.

So yesterday he texted me in the morning asking how I slept and what my plans were for the day. Then later at night he texted me 7 times but I was outside and I told him I was outside and he then replies all lies then says he's done and I said stop talking like that and he say's I'm done watch me. when I texted him today about asking if he wanted me in his life and he just said "Hmmm I'm just tired of it lol"

Hee has a tendency to come in and out of my life, but it feels like he doesn't care


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  • These on off relationships never work in the end. Get out of it and find someone else. No he doesn't care


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