Why did he say it to then say that?

I found out yesterday I am pregnant with a guy I have recently started seeing, when I told him he seemed ok about it, we've spoken more about it today, I got the impression he didn't want the baby so I asked him outright, I said to him 'you don't want the baby do you? He said he couldn't say it incase I had the baby then don't let him see his baby, then i asked him again and he said 'no, I don't want it'.
After messaging that he said he regretted saying that already and it was 'the worst thing he's ever said'..
Now I'm confused what to think?


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  • That's big news. He needs some time to digest it and get his head together. If you press him for immediate answers, this is what you get.


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  • even if he didn't want him i won't blame him
    iam a woman and i won't have a baby with someone i just dated, it doesn't seem right or fair to the baby. i believe before having babies you need to be married or at least in a solid relationship


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  • His heart is saying, "of course I'm gonna be a loving dad to my child." His head is saying, "now just WTF has my life become?"


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