What should I do when he's an ass? Makes horrible comments about my looks?

Ok me and my husband have been through a lot I guess you can say. We have two kids and trying to make it work as best as possible. I really don't think he loves me at all. He makes it hard for me to love him. He's says very hurtful things. For EXAMPLE just called me a fat ugly fucking bitch. It pisses me off to no end. First off I'm not fat and have had issues with the way I think I look. I know I'm beautiful but it's hard to believe when the person who "loves" you talks to you like this. We don't love one another. He pays very little bills and makes way more money than I do. I think he has always just used me. But I apparently have a habit of picking me that use me. We no longer make love and I don't wish to be with him in this way. He makes it uncomfortable and I feel embarrassed by my body with him. He is just such a selfish ass. I try so hard. And let's get this straight I'm not fat or ugly. 38-28-39. 5'-6" and normal weight. Buy the way there is nothing wrong with being shorter or taller or Skinner of heavier. In case seone lectures me about being vain. Its just why does he treat me like this. Always has his fucking face in a phone.


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  • Been married for 30 years. There have been times when my wife totally pissed me off.

    But I never called her a "bitch" and never given her anything but GLOWING praise for her looks (even when she was pregnant).

    So I think you have a bad apple, dear.

    • PS: Never told her to "fuck off" either. Though she did me once!!! :D

    • Thank you. You do really sound like a good husband. Good advice for men: listen to this guy right here.

    • LOL... I am a messy husband who forgets things... not the greatest hubby in the world! But... my strong point is chivalry. I would never say things like that to any woman no matter how pissed off I was.

      And I certainly wouldn't do it to my wife.

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  • This is a very hard situation and I am sorry you are going through this! Maybe you should look up some information on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I am not a therapist but I have been studying about it quite a bit lately because my older sister is a narcissists. There are a lot of support groups online about this and I think more people need to learn about it!

    • Understand. I looked this up. I don't know if it applies or not to my situation. I don't talk to him in a hurtful manner. So I don't think he should speak to me in a hurtful manner. I don't redicule his appearance or intelligence. Couples have arguments but I think there a "hot button"subjects not to hit. I don't hit his, so why should he hit mine.

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    • I have considered it. But I think I would hurt my children. We separated for a time and it really sucked. The kids didn't like. I hate being alone, but don't want to be treated badly either. At one time I loved him, but he has broken a lot of the love with his actions. It just seems like a waste of love. Things could be so much easier for him. He just takes the easy way out on everything. No conversations, he's more interested in his phone and video games. It just seems lazy. I think he's like why try.

    • Yeah, there is no way that your children are going to be happy with it, but if it does end up happening overtime they might be more understanding. It is very selfless of you to put your children first but what about your happiness? What if it continues and it just gets worse? Not getting along at home can often be just as hard for the children. You deserve to be happy, life is short!

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  • That doesn't sound very nice, I hope you can find a way to move on

    • Thanks. I just hard to understand some men. Guess that's life.

  • lol, when you wrote "skinnier" you forgot the other I, so, you spelled out my last name.

    Anyway, If it's driving you nuts, why stay?

    • Lol spelling sucks when pissed. Principal Skinner from the Simpsons. At least it made me laugh.

    • Yeparoo

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