Should I break up?

I have a long time girlfriend, who loves me a lot. However, I can't stop thinking about a friend of mine. I dream of her, I can't stop talking with her, I get nervous around her (sweating, blushing, saying stupid things) and I could spend days just listening to her, contemplating how beautiful she is.

My girlfriend, each day that passes, becomes less appealing and her defects seem worse than before (could be me just seeing her true self).

Am I in love with my friend (this has been going for around a year, growing each day) and should I break up?
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What Girls Said 1

  • I just Now saw this here, dear.
    As wise as I am, take a BREAK from your So to see if maybe Maybe Missing the Kissing isn't the answer for now until you figure this out somehow.
    The grass is not always greener on the other side of the female fence, and with you knowing your current, you haven't spent as much time Knowing the Other and it could go down a different path instead.
    Of course, if nothing is as you want it to be after all with your So here, dear, it's good to know you can start with 'My friend' you have already, although my Best from the Rest advice would be is to go Slow with your Flow and Continue to nurture and nurse this special relationship so you both Know.
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 3

  • There is no point being in a relationship with someone when you love someone else. Does this friend love you in the same wavelength as you love her? A wise person once said, what goes around comes around.

    • I'm not sure my friend loves me, but that does not matter. What do you mean by "what goes around comes around"? Will I have to pay for my feelings? Karma-wise?

    • What I mean is you may be better off staying with your current girlfriend than fishing for someone who is a risky gamble. What you are about to do to your current girlfriend may come back to hunt you or be meted out to you.

      I've been in your situation twice in the past. When I look back, I now realise I made the wrong decision of dumping my girlfriend for another girl. The girl I went for was en vogue with shared interests in music, showbiz and fashion. Though my relationship with the new girl lasted for two years, I wished I would have stayed with the previous girlfriend.

      The previous girlfriend loved me innocently so much and yet I was bent of leaving her for this new girlfriend who was driving me crazy.

  • yea
    help answer my?

  • You should brake up ONLY if you are 100% sure about what are you doing and know the posible consequences. Don't brake up cause you are in love with your friend, but cause you are better alone than in your current relationship, remember there is always the posibility of being rejected and if you are not ready to face lonlyness this will bring you a sad time.

    I was exactly in the same situation as you a couple of years ago, i was in a 2years long relationship with my girlfriend (now ex) and i was in love with a friend of mine, i broke up, and tried to improve my relationship with my friend in order to win her love. I asked her to be my girlfriend and I was rejected and then i realize i wasn't ready to be alone.

    So that's my advice based on personal experience, i hope i replied in time to help you and sorry for the poor English.

  • Its not gonna get better, you got what you wanted now its gone and you should move on instead of wasting both of your times


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