Why is my ex boyfriend ignoring me?

2 years ago I met this amazing guy, we fell in love pretty much straight away, he proposed not long after and everything was great. Then 4 months later I had to move abroad for a year for work while my ex stayed in the UK. We tried to keep it going; I flew home quite a bit to see him but 2 months later it ended and I was devastated.

I returned to the UK last September, and my ex had messaged me a month before to say he wanted to see me and hear about my time away. We met up and got on really well, but at the end of the night he was making moves on me. I didn't want just a one-off thing, I thought that if something was gonna happen, it would be because we were back together in a serious relationship. We met up again a week later but he was very distant and cold. I asked him if he'd met someone else, he said no but that he wasn't looking for something cos he'd not long lost his job and had "too much going on in his head".

That was about 3 months ago. I've tried staying in touch, asking to meet for a drink or something, even just as friends, but to no avail...he won't reply to my texts or online messages or anything. I'm not sure why he's suddenly changed when he seemed keen before. I have fallen back in love with him again and want to know how I can get him talking to me and maybe get back together.


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  • Because he's your ex.


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