What was the point? Sex?

This guy I was hooking up with for the past month. He just stopped talking to me. I didn't reach out to him because my life is better off with out him. In a way it was for the best. 2 weeks go by he calls me form a new number saying "You didn't text or call meet; I thought you may have just been busy. I haven't seen you in like 3 years “He asked me to hangout with him that night.”

The night comes were suppose to hangout and he tells me "Im on the way" he's been otw for the half hour. Anyway we never hangout that night. I changed my number after that.

I feel like he contacted me cause he had no one else but then someone came threw at the last minute. All this shows me is he's desperate. I didn't reach out to him but instead he reached out to me (most likely for sex) why didn't he just stay gone?


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  • > hooks with hot jerk (how typical)
    > side girl
    > probably there was no protection
    > low worth girl
    > would never date


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  • Because he's an ass. Forget him.


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