Did I ruin it with my ex?

He never said he wanted me back but he was texting me everyday and calling me every week, but the other night he texted me what I want in life and I said "find that special someone to spend my life with" and he said "what" "I can't do it tho" and I didn't reply right away because I was busy but when I checked my phone there were 7 texts just him saying are u there and "are you made at me" when I finally responded I said sorry I was outside and he said "all lies" then started saying he is sad because he is a liar and saying he is done, and then asked to call me and said he doesn't want to do it anymore and that he had a lot of things to do and doesn't want to do anything else then hung up.

was it what I said or do you think he just wanted to let me go again. Before all this happened everything was going fine he texted me that morning and asked how I slept and what my plans were for the day.


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What Guys Said 1

  • he's not sure, but he's giving you an potion that you can leave whenever you want and that's will hurt later because you let someone else take a priority in your life. I understand you care about him. but your life worth it and it's time to show yourself some love first and foremost.


What Girls Said 1

  • Considering that he's your ex, that alone should tell you that everything is ruined.


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