Is my ex not over me?

My ex fiancé dumped me in a very messed up way. He basically dumped me for another woman after I had his baby. I took an attorney and I am in no contact now, I simply don't want to see his face.

After I went into no conact he tried everything to contact me, I did not respond. He even wrote a huge letter about how everything is my fault and that he wants to be friends. I ignored...

Now he refuses to come and visit the baby because I am not home when he stops by, it happens through my mother. He demands that I am there.

Yesterday my mother deleted him off her FB because he put her on limited anyway. He sends a message to my mother saying how I probably deleted him off her FB and blocked her.

Isn't he putting way too much effort into all this?

He puts 100 pictures on social media a day with his new bird (so I guess he is happy)

So why is he still putting all this effort into bothering me? If I am to dump someone I wouldn't care about seeing them or if their mother deleted me from FB.

What is his deal?


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