Guys, What would you call this?

My ex and I still hang out. He's passionate towards me like he was back when we were dating. We kiss, hug, cuddle, hold hands, have sleepovers which we hold hands while we're sleeping. We talk about each others work. He Tells Me about his new friends at work. Last time I was there he was showing me this gaget he bought himself aND was explaining it too me. He also talked about redecorating his couch. Sometimes If He Made Food He'll Offer ME Some AND sometimes he'll even feed me. Last time I was over there we're reminiscing about the past and he remembered things about my family members.


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  • It sounds like you have fallen into that weird "intimate exs" situation. Closer than best friends, but different. Perhaps you still love eachother, but in a different way.
    Often falls appart when a new relationship comes along, either someone realises they have mixed feelings, or pulls away so as not complicate things. But I know some people who have kept very close friendships with an ex for years, despite both moving on to other people.

    • What did you mean by often falls apart?

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    • No idea. I dont do hints. They never word the way you would hope.

    • Oh we'll can I subtly say it?

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  • Doesn't sound like an ex to me

    • What does it sound like to you then?

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    • And it's getting you no where. Time to be blunt

    • We'll it might scare him off because when I was it didn't go over so we'll

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