Girls, Suddenly dropping contact with my ex girlfriend, what would you be thinking?

A month ago my ex dumped me, and I wasn't smart enough to stay out of touch with her, we continued to text each other, partially because I was clinging to the hope of getting back together with her.

about a week ago, as we had been discussing getting together for a day to do something, she had told me she had plans the next night but on another day I could come out and help her work on something if I wanted to. Well, something got to me, about the way she said she had plans, the only times she said it that way was when she was going on a date, as it had happened a couple times before when we first started dating. All other times she had plans she told me what she was doing, even after the breakup.

i had decided at that time, as she knows my feelings for her, that I wasn't in it to be "just friends". I decided after that text to not even respond, and haven't been in touch with her for a week. I have really wondered what most people would be thinking if someone were to drop contact like that and not even answer a text, I used to always respond and would make time if it was possible.


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  • She finally moved on


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