She cheated on me. Do I accept that it was an accident?

OK my girl she went and had a party when I was at work I was fine with it so it didn't bother me and she never cheated on me so I wasn't to worried but when I got home I found her and a friend of ours in my bed and they got drunk and had sex she said she was sorry she was drunk but it upset me so much but I don't know what to do I mean should I just end it cause she cheated on me or do I accept that it was an accident


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  • No you definetely don't accept that it was an accident. Something like that is never an "accident" her judgement may have been a little impaired because of the drinking but she still new what she was doing. The question more so would be do you forgive her and do you think you can get passed it and be able to trust her?. In my opinion, if my I caught my boyfriend cheating than it would be done, no questions asked but everyone is different. If you don't think you would be able to look passed it and trust her again than it won't work.


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  • OMG, I’m sick of the “I was drunk” excuses! That is such a universal dumb excuse. Okay, so maybe being drunk influenced her to do it. Whatever, she still made the decision to do it. That’s like a drunk driver blaming alcohol on his passenger’s death. Too bad for the drunk driver… he's still going to jail because he decided to drive that night.

    Accidents do happen, but you just don't slip and fall on your friends d***, only to blame alcohol. She choose to do it!

  • Personally I think that if you are in a relationship and you decide to drink and your boyfriend/girlfriend is not there with you, then you need to be cautious and stop drinking when you even start to think that there might be a chance you will cheat when you don't want to. As far as ending it that is completely up to you, you can give her a second chance or not. whatever you decision is I hope your happy


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