Ex demands contact after dumping me?

My ex fiancé broke up with me for another woman a month ago.
When he broke up he gave me some excuse about us not working out, but I know now he was already flirting with this woman, he just didn't tell me.

When I realized that I went into NC.

Since I went NC he is trying to contact me (I blocked him) and wrote a huge letter about how everything is my fault, but that he wants to be friends. I ignored.
Today again he texts my mother to tell her my clothes are ready to go pick up and he expects me to contact him. He should not want contact with me, he should be happy I let him live his life with his new chick... So why insisting? Is it remorse? Loss of control? Regret... ?

Any ideas?


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  • Probably all of those things, but he may not be with that new girl anymore. My advice is to get a surrogate to get your stuff. After that, you are severed from him and should avoid contact. Frankly, you dodged a bullet; better to cheat and dump you before marriage than cheat after marriage. This guy needs to grow up.

    If we insists on only delivering your stuff to you instead of a surrogate, tell him you will contact the poluce. I said that and, lo and behold, I got my stuff back ASAP.

    • The thing is we have a baby together... He actually dumped me after I gave birth, he dumped me and his baby for this bird basically.

      I went NC and he can contact my mother if he needs to see her, my attorney told me it's fine and he can't demand control from me.

      He is still seeing this woman, by the looks of social media it looks like they are madly in love, so this is why I am struggling to understand :/

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    • anyone can get my stuff, he just demands me to contact him and finds all kinds of excuses for me to contact him. If he wanted to get rid of my stuff asap he would have asked a month ago.

    • Suggest ask him, men really don't care to play games

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  • Clearly he's not in control. Men are like that (unfortunately ). Had you of not done what you have done it probably would of been the other way around. If I were you I'd dress up look extra hot and post hot pics of me so he can see. Unblock then message this:

    Hi (name), I hope all is well over your end. I understand I still have some of my personal belongings with you. My apologies for the inconvenience. If you could kindly send them by cab to this address and I will get the rest sorted. Once again, thank you and wishing you the best.

    Kind regards,

    (Your name)

    Tried and tested... Drives them mad lol


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  • I think he wants to maintain the contact with you so he has "options" with you in case his new relationship doesn't work and he wants to crawl back to you. Don't fall for it!

  • Keep doing no contact. Seriously. He can be an adult and accept the consequences of his decisions.

    You just focus on your own life, and think about getting back out there and meeting new men.


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