Ex fiancé going to move in with rebound 1 months after our break up?

So I've heard that things go very FAST in rebound relationships, but this is just silly...

After 3 years he dumped me for this woman (still a rebound since he hasn't time to get over our relationship) he first hid it from me, but i heard it through the grapevine.

After that their social media is explosing of romantic pictures of them, how happy they are... He makes sure I know about the pictures through my bestie. He wants contact, I ignore him in any way possible.

Now I hear they are going to move in together. Seriously?

Can that even work? I know rebound mostly don't last.


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  • Who knows.. Rebounds usually don't. But there are exception. I can tell you are deeply hurt over this I don't blame you. I would be also.
    But you must start focusing on the present and your future.. He is a part of your past. Do not blame yourself for what happened.. Nor take it personally. It wasn't about you rather about him.
    If you let him occupy that precious space in you mind, you'll never break free.
    Do what you need to regain confidence.. Date a bunch of guys go out and look good. Distance and time Will do magic..

    • It hurts even more because we just had a baby together. He waited until I gave birth to leave me and the baby. He just demands on seeing her when he feels like it. I took an attorney and I am in NC now, there is no need that I stay in contact with him. He can contact my mother if he wants to see the baby.

    • Wow... I can't even imagine.. You need hit back with child support.. And anything else you can get. I am sure your attorney is on top of it.
      What a fucking bastard!

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