Ex Boyfriend Opinion Please?

My now ex boyfriend has a girl bestfriend, they use to having on and off feelings for one another which i found out 3 months into our relationship after he found out that she actually liked him back through a mutual friend of ours. He told me after talking to his mum about it so he must have been thinking about it a bit. They hooked up one time which i also found out 3 months into our relationship. They hung out every week at least once they had 3 on-going tv programs that they watched together and he would go over to her house late at night, earliest time to get there would be 9:30pm and he wouldn't leave till about 12:30-1:30am I had a huge program with this as its super innpropiate considering there history and also because he shouldn't be at another girls house aside from mine at that time of night. He told me how stupid i was being about this situation constantly and we would always fight about it he never understood why it upset me so much all our friends and family including his mum would tell him how wrong it is yet he continued to do it and made it clear he wasn't going to change. All i wanted was for him to hang out with her not so late at night or to hang out in public places i never asked for him to stop seeing her all together i thought i was being reasonable he didn't however. I found out a week after we broke up that he had told my frend that he had feelings for his bestfriend on and off throughout our entire relationship. its 3 months later now and they are still not together but im not putting it past them. He claims that he loved me but you dont get feelings for someone else if you love someone. He chose her over me obviously as he intigated us breaking up. He did this whilst he was drunk, this being the second time we have broken up both times at parties and both times intigated by him and when he is drunk. Am i right for thinking that he never loved me? am i right for questioning anything he ever said to me? I need an outsider opinnion please!


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  • An outsider opinion is that you are broken up and what he does now is his business not yours.

    You were right to begin with, your expectations were more than reasonable. In fact what you asked is much less than what I would expect of myself and my girlfriend.

    He is a kid that doesn't know what he wants so let him be.

    You took him back a second time which is something you probably shouldn't have done.

    Let it go, you are no longer a couple, so behave that way.

    • Did I ask for an opinion on how he acts since we broke up? No I couldn't care less what he does now.

      The only reason I ask this now is because we have mutual friends and every time that I see him which is more then I'd like he brings up the situation and how he is apparently making changes to himself and how sorry he is. I wanted to know If I should be believing this is sincere or If he is trying to make himself feel better as I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth, why would he think differently about this situation now.

      I agree that was a mistake and I wouldn't make it again.

  • No I don't think he ever did love you and its for the best

    • Thank you for your opinion, and I agree its for the best

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