Couples don't break up once they have a baby do they?

At least for a few years... Even if the guy thought the spark had gone would he stay with her cos he is in love with his baby and couldn't leave it?
If a couple announce they are expecting a baby, is it a sign that their relationship is happy and healthy?
If they are in their late 20s, living together for 3 years, been together for 8 years...
Are they going to be together forever?


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  • Oy vey... Where do I start?

    That's a common misconception, the idea that having a kid will make a couple grow closer together. In reality, having one or more kids puts a huge amount of strain on the relationship. If it wasn't strong before, it doesn't stand a chance after one or more kids are involved. Some couples use the kids as an excuse to stay together, even though they can't stand each other. Then the kids grow up with a warped view of what a healthy relationship is because their only role models are parents who can't stand to be in the same room together.


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  • The only thing that's destined Is death.
    No one here can predict if a couple if going to stay together or not.
    There are people married for 30 years, that are getting divorced.
    Whether you and your boyfriend stay together or not has to do with the strength of your relationship (are you both willing to make things work?), is there a significant amount of feelings there? Those are important factors.
    A man can love his baby but that doesn't mean he will stay.
    A baby is separate from the Mother.
    If doesn't have any care for her, he simply won't be there for her and only for his child.


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  • Statistically speaking they do break up. But that's up to you two. Communication is key. Nothing will force you to stay together.

    Would you think your child would be more upset by having his parents split but happy and he just splits his time with each parent. Or they all live in one house but the kid knows his parents are miserable and hate each other. Kids aren't stupid they will pick up on that very very fast.

  • Not always. 'together forever' is such a cliche in the current era.

  • Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.


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