Do I have her on a hook?

So my ex broke up with me about amonth ago. I did 21 days of NC the break up was pretty civil and no problems after the break up. So during this NC I improved my self and started going to the gym and picked up a new hobbie. So last night I was at a hockey game and after the game I sent her a text saying I was just at an awesome hockey game. Do you remeber the one we went to? It reminded me of you. She responed saying she remebers it and how fun it was and asking me where it was. I told her where it was she asked if it was a club team or a school team. After a few hours i got busy doing some things I responed and she said "Thats cool who did you go with?". I went with a friend. I haven't responed yet but why would she be asking who I went with? Is she interested in who I might be hanging out with or if im seeing someone new?
I texted her back saying I went with a few friends. She does have her read receipts on so I can see that she has read it, but has not responded back to it.


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  • Possibly. Maybe she regrets her decision to break up with u. It also could be that she just doesn't want u to be dating someone knew which makes sense I mean she had feelings for u and it's probably gonna take her a while to get over it and she might feel jealous or upset that ur dating someone knew (if u were) because she's thinking "Wow he's already over me".

    • When we broke up I told her that I was going to fight for her and I wasn't going to give up that easy. I asked her if I was worth fighting for she said yes. Wouldn't you want a guy that fights for you?

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    • Exactly she could be scared. Ok tell me how it goes. Best of luck.

    • Well I responded later saying a few friends and she read it and didn't respond. On Monday I was at the gym and saw someone that looked like her. I sent a text to her saying I was at the gym this morning and saw someone who looks like you. hope all is well. That type of message isn't threatening so she didn't have to respond if she didn't want to. She said all is well and how are things with me. I said that I got a job offer and talked about that and then she said she thinks she remembers the farms name where I will be working. I replied back a few hours later oh yeah? She read it 3 mins after I sent it and didn't respond so yeah things are okay. she is a tleast responding to my messages and at a pretty good speed too.

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  • Just keep going with the flow and see how it goes. She might have missed you and been thinking to contact you and when you texted her it was her chance. Or she be thinking that ok maybe you guys could just be good friends after a break up, cause you seemed that you were over you.


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  • Well seems like she's trying to make conversation until it leads to something... This could be a chance to start fresh.


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