How can I get exbf back and since we broke up we had sex twice how can I get him back should I cut out sex to get him back?

Hanged again didn't had sex just mostly hanged out talked and watched Netflix.
We hanged watched neflix but give him blow job no sex.


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  • Stop giving in to him and put your game up. Don't be too available when he feels he can call and come anytime. Put in your mind men are d***s and think with it too. Be a master and take control until he comes running back begging for you back.

    • Alrighty I sure well. Thank you so much. and alright i won't. and I well sure take ur advice thank you so much means a lot.

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  • Sex= he's not coming back
    No sex = he's coming back

    • Alrighty thank you so much. do you know anyway ways i also can get him back

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