I'm having a hard time accepting my ex has turned into a completely different person?

My ex has turned into a completely different person. He was the one who broke up with me and while I just wanted to be corgial after we broke up he has done a complete 180. He's just mean. We aren't talking right now, I don't think it's healthy with what has transpired after our break. He did a lot of hot and cold, back and forth with me. He just ended up being really mean and I've never seen this side in him before. There was a lot of love for each other and kindness during our relationship. He was the best boyfriend I ever had. There was a less than ideal situation towards the end of our relationship and we fought. That's the reason we broke up but this side of him breaks my heart even more. I'm moving on but I'll always have love for that side of him. We made plans for our future together and that didn't work out. That's been something I've been working on accepting, although it's been difficult. Can someone shed some light on this? Or tell me if you've been in a similar situation and what you did? I don't want to end up hating him or him me. Maybe he already does.


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  • Truth is we sometimes find out about the real character of a person only after the break up or when we are going trough hard times. If you ll read my story you ll understand my ex became the same nasty ex as yours did. It means this is who they are and we are better without these kind of people in our lives. You should ignore and block him wherever you can so his actions or words won't hurt you any longer. No matter how bitter somebody feels after a break up there is a line a good person won't cross. The ones that do cross it are just not so good people.

  • A lot of people do change over time, their feelings and thoughts can change for many reasons. Depression can change a persons whole personality, and they can act totally out of character. Sometimes it's not a case that they have changed. It can also mean you never truly knew who they were. People can change too if they feel unhappy in a relationship. It's difficult to say why your ex changed , because i don't know the circumstances of your relationship together.

    I believe some people are not meant to be understood... they are meant to be accepted. Clinging onto who he used to be is like clinging onto an illusion, because he is not that person anymore. When a person changes you either have to adapt to that change or move on from them. 💜 xx


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