My exe told my sister that I am a bitch and I am a part of his life that he never ever wants to remember again?

It's strange because we were best friends and we never really had any arguments so isn't it a bit over dramatic for him to say that? He hasn't seen me in 2 years... he didn't only say that , he said other things to. The reason we broke up was because my mother told me to leave him because I am too kind hearted for him and he was a fake. so I did leave him... but why would he still think I was a biatch now?
He actually wrote me huge letters back 2 years ago telling me he was not fake and that his "feelings" will never change and he wants me to be my best friend forever (cheesy I know lol).. but he said to my sis just yesterday that he was a really fake person when he knew me. Weird. Made me think my mother is a genius


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  • At first when I read the tittle thought it was just a power game. People will say stuff to gain power over you. Sort of a reverse psychology.

    However you leaving him because your mother told you to doesn't sound that great for him. I don't know if you old him that and I don't know if he really is a fake or not. But for him he will always think that everything was fine between the two of you and that your mother broke the two of you up. That will leave a lot of resentment towards you. He probably really loved you and still does.

    • What's so bad with obeying my mother? Why would a guy be annoyed at an obedient daughter? Isn't it a respectable thing?

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    • Well... his parents loved me so much.. They adored me lol... but in that case If they hated me... I would have thought they were crazy because I am incrediblly cool

    • But I get your point

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  • What he said was wrong, but it's natural for him to be offended because you heeded your mom's words and broke up with him. Unless of course, he actually WAS a jerk, and your mom was right about it. In this case, it's surprise that he said those words, because he's a 'jerk' anyway.

  • Because you left him based on what your mom told you to do.

    • Yeah doesn't that make you good? ... Though my mother has had 4 husband's... So maybe I shouldn't have listened... Hmmmm

  • Your ex is bitter. Don't pay it any bother.


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