How do you know that you have moved on from a hard break up?


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  • When you start to feel pleasure without that person and show more self-interest + self-esteem, then you're a free bird
    (congratulations) you just win (yourself )

    Good luck

    • thanks dear...=)

    • You are welcome, I took your answer to heart because I personally lost myself during my previous relationship :)

    • don't worry... It's not lost. you just have to look into the depths of your heart.
      don't rush because no one know the way back to (YOU) better than you...

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  • When you can think of the memories you once shared together , and smile... instead of breaking down in tears. Also, when you think about your future... your ex doesn't feature in it anymore 💛


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  • When you no longer care about what that person is doing and you start to have interests in other guys.


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