Girls, Has anyone ever gotten out of the friend zone and back into a relationship with their ex?

After our beakup about 2 months ago, my ex girlfriend and i started talking after aout 10 days and things were progressing slowly. The more i pressed and tried to getback together, she started to back off after about a month. She said she doensnt want me to rely on her for her happiness and maybe we should try being friends. Before this we would have moments where it looked like we were maikng progress, but then she backed off. I said i couldnt be just friends and i didn't rely on her for my happiness and said i would have to back off and wished her all the best and went to no contact. Its about 2 weeks now and haven't heard from her. Has anyone been through this and gotten back together?


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  • Yes same here. My guy seemed only happy when we were happy together. So I decided to let him go to try to show him that he can be happy all by himself as well and not depend on other people for his own happiness. hope that makes somewhat sense...

    • Did you get back together or move on?

    • Yes we did get back together. :)

    • Good for you. How long were you apart and without contact?

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  • May bd is time to move on.

  • Tried NC with someone I was talking to. Not by my choice mind you. Then started talking again and he said the same thing you said about not being able to be just friends. And I basically thought "tough shit". Then we started talking again and like on again off again chatting... it's been quite a ride lol. Last time he started on about a friend of mine and I tried to move on from that topic and he called me a slut. So... if protecting my friend means I'm a slut, I'll be the biggest one there is๐Ÿ‘


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