How should I breakup nicely with my current girlfriend?

About 3 months ago I met up my girlfriend on OkCupid. Few weeks down the road and we were dating. This girl was my very first girlfriend, I sadly was her 5th boyfriend and 10th or something guy. In the past 2 months I been slowly getting fed up with the relationship. I'm a pretty basic guy, like really basic, nothing fancy and all.

But recently she stopped texting me "Morning" instead I will text her at 8-9am before I start work and get a reply around 10-12. At times my text messages are not replied for hours on, which is something that been happening in the past couple of months. I called her yesterday at 8pm and never go a call back, I then texted her and asked "Is everything Okay?" I got a reply hours later, never bothered to call me back and she knows I go to sleep late.

This girl is Bi-Polar which explains few things, and I myself have been living with Clinical Depression for past 7 years, not that it bothers me. But what bothers me more is that I'm a basic + seriouse person, she isn't. And to be honest I been getting fed up with having to go to bars + pubs everytime we meet. We meet 1-2 times a week, usually Saturday-Sunday as I work from 9:30am to 6:00pm and she works from 3:00pm to 9:00pm. Each time we meet truth I usually find myself loosing another $100-$150 in a single day. I'm ok with paying for things ones in a while, but I don't like to be treated as if I'm a wallet.

I have my own debts to repay and I have my own goals to achive, one being actually starting college which I been neglecting as I don't have the money. This girl however saves her money so she could re-pay her student loan and all, and I'm a freaking money bag. Come on. This is my 1st relationship and after 3 months I wan't to go back to my single life. Just spend time by computer or at work, or crusing on my motorcyle instead of having to travel 30km one way each week. How can I end this relationship nicely, without hurting anyone? I won't be hurt as I'm unable pretty unemotional.
I should also mentioned I'm a pretty big introvert so I don't like going out, nor do I like to go out my way for people. Something I learned truth my life, treating others like gold will result in you being treated like crap. I know this question seems like it's all about the money. But paying for everything 99.99% of the time seems like "using". + She has a driver licence as well, but does not want to drive, so I have to go get her, go somewhere, bring her back and go back home, easy 100km/day.


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  • There's no easy way out. Meet up with her And just flat out tell her.

    • I been contemplating that for past 2 weeks, I don't like to deal with other people's emotional problems while I have my own stuff to deal with, nor do I like being treated like a wallet. While other people can enjoy some coffee and sweets at Starbucks, or simply walk around downtown. I'm met with "I haven't eaten the whole day today... Where are we going?" I'm sorry but you're 23 and not a child, and I'm not your parent to have to feed you. Each time I hear this I think to myself. WTF? Is this the only thing you think about when meeting me? Going to get food? The fuck?

    • Just tell her, say sorry, then walk away.

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  • It's your mistake paying for everything constantly, she IS using you as a wallet.

    There's no nice way to do it, or at least no easy way, just say you have to talk, better at her place so you can leave, and say things aren't working out as expected.

    Though I don't know why constantly texting each other should be a thing, you're worrying about that to much.

    • It's not about constantly texting. It's about the fact that when we were starting we would talk more often, If I called and she did not pick up I would get a call back or a text reply that she is busy or whatever. Plus it's not about texting, it's about being courteous. I costs $0.00 to simply say "Morning" to someone, you don't have to call me just send me a text. I do this every morning, I text her morning. I say "Good Morning" at work it's simply being courteous.

    • We don't work together. The work part was referring to me saying "Good Morning" to my co-workers.

    • Well I just mean I wouldn't expect something like a daily text every morning, seems a bit funny to get upset about, or text not being replied, I just don't consider text super important, if it was important then call. Now I would get annoyed with not being called back however.

      Though if you're already at the point were you're breaking up none of that really matters.

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  • I think it's easy just say I dont want to be in relationship for now and I'm thankful to you and from this moment we are free bye done. Or just change your no and forget about her. by the way how you spent 150 with her in a single day?


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