My ex became my no 1 enemy?

Please advice
My ex fiancé threatens to sue me to get some money back. We were about to get married and he transfered from his foreign bank account into my bank account an amount of money used for the purchase of a car. We are citizens of different countries. At the moment of the transfer we were both using our money as in common and there was no written or verbal agreement that the money are transfered as a loan neither that I oblige to pay him back at a given time. I have used all my savings for the relationship and contributed with more than half of the amount for the purchase of the vehicle which is also registered on my name only due to legal request ( there can't be more than one owner of the car and since we bought it in my country and he doesn t have a residency permit he couldn't be the owner of the car).
After he called the wedding off he also claims those money back.
Does he have a legal right to sustain his claim?
I was left penny less when he left but I never asked him back for the money I have spent. He also kept his wedding ring that I have paid for even if he was the one who canceled the wedding.
I would like to hear your opinions. If someone has legal knowledges would be great.
Thank you


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  • Unless he has a written and signed statement from you which specifically says you owe him money he can't do much.

    • He doesn t have anything like that because I wrote how the circumstances were at the time of the transfer but he still threatens to sue me.
      Thank you for your reply

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