Guys with trust issues... help?

I have been sleeping with a guy for a year. He's also my closest friend as i am his. He doesn't have trust in anyone including his own family ( women ) the closest he is to any woman is me. He shares things he tells no one else but when it comes to feelings towards me he's closed off. He used to tell me that he doesn't have feelings for me and lately he hints towards it. He gets upset if he says he wants to talk and when i assume its that he doesn't have feelings for me it bothers him and he makes smart ass comments. When i ask him to talk.. he keeps saying he's not prepared. Lately he's been getting a little jealous with any guy that talks to me though he is very subtle about it. he's constantly questioning things about my feelings and so on. I had blocked him on facebook and everything after a big fight and he's still sore avout it... he jokes and says that im the reason he has trust issues and problems with commitment that its not nice to block and delete someone from your life.. sometimes i wonder is there is a bit of truth in what he says. What do i do?
I am interested but he goes from having no feelings to having them to not lol


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  • If you're not interested in being in a relationship with him you need to tell him so


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