Boyfriend likes someone else?

My boyfriend has on and off feelings for his girl best friend I have no idea how long this has been going on for, we have been dating for a year and a half. I found out after he had told a friend of mine when he was drunk, I've now broken up with him because of this. He goes to her house really late at night once a week sometimes more and doesn't leave till around 1am each time, they watch movies all the time and have 3 on going TV programs that they have to watch together. I have a huge problem with this and have told him so many times but he continues to say I'm being stupid and that there's nothing going on and refuses to make a change. he's lied straight to my face because he's admitted to having feelings for her but not the entire relationship I can't help but think that he has never stopped since before we started dating as they had on and off feelings for each other and have also hooked up before. I just didn't want him going to her house that late at night it wouldn't have been such an issue if they hung out In public, or during the day I'm not asking him to stop seeing her all together. I just think because of there history that it wasn't appropriate what do you think?
I would love to know a guys perspective on this?


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  • Yes, why are you still with him? Ditch him. He s being an ass to you and that girl is not a nice one either. They both have no respect for you and you should leave your boyfriend to do whatever he wants but without you in the picture. Sooner or later they will hook up and you ll be the only one hurt.
    There is no crazy jealousy from your side, they are the ones acting completely unapropiate.
    Leave that liar and look for a nice guy who has best male friends to spent time with not an easy bitch.

  • Why are you still with him? This guy sounds like a douche. My best friend is a guy, actually both of my best friends are guys, but if they had a girlfriend I would never do that stuff with them. Like, I'm not going to be disrespectful to his girlfriend. And I know my bffs would never do that shit with me if they had a girlfriend. His "best girl friend" is a bitch. Dump his ass and find someone who actually loves you.

    • I honestly don't know, I kept thinking to myself that nothing was happening and that I was being a jealous girlfriend because both the best friend and my boyfriend didn't see it as anything but innocent. However clearly it wasn't seeing as he had on and off feelings for her I confronted him with this and he told me that yeah he had feelings but he kept on putting them aside because he didn't want to ruin what he had with me. Yet he isn't willing to make the change? She's told him that they can stop hanging out he said he feels bad because he's contemplated it but has never followed through on it. All our friends and families tell him how wrong it is yet he still doesn't see what he's doing wrong. He claims that he loves me but I don't understand how he could do that to someone he loves and how he could even get feelings for someone if he loves another I don't understand. we always fight about it, I was his first serious relationship too.

    • He's also gone over to her house without letting me know this same day completely ignored my messages and then he showed up at my house at 2am after going to hers because he knew I would be mad that he never responded to my messages and wanted to fix it. He never denied going to hers but he didn't bring it up until I did. He always ignores my messages, shows up late to my house, never wants to go out on proper dates and acts like I'm asking to change himself. Yet asks me to make changes to myself all the time. I don't know if this is because I'm his first relationship and first sex partner that he just doesn't know what he's doing or if it's just because he's 21 and doesn't know what he wants but I'm over it and I deserve better

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