Is it hopeless that my ex will ever miss me?

My ex broke up with me Thursday after we had a big fight Wednesday night. He said we barely started to see each other and already started arguing. He said his feelings changed in a matter of a day. I been missing him since then and wrote him a letter saying how I felt horrible about the fights. From this point on I will start to leave him alone. I met someone 2 days ago but still think about my ex. Is there any chance that if I leave him alone he might miss me and reconsider things? I want him and nobody else but I feel that his feelings are permanently gone and he won't ever feel those romantic feelings for me. He wanted to remain friends but I told him no. I pretty much poured my heart in the letter so that's all I can do. Any advice be helpful. He literally had feelings but logic got the best of him and now he doesn't have feelings cuz his brain convinced his heart it was best to move on. Thanks.


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  • I think jumping to the conclusion that he's lost all feeling for you isn't right. Unless he had no feelings the whole time (sounds unlikely) then I doubt he's stopped thinking about you. After I had a girlfriend cheat on me once I had to cut the relationship off and never talked to her again, but I still had pretty strong feelings afterwards that took a while to subside even though my opinions of her drastically changed in less than a day. I'm positive the breakup has been pretty much the only thing on his mind since it happens only a few days ago. Most guys like to cover up our emotions in a situation like that.

    I would say the best thing to do is give him some breathing room and let him process what's going on. The hard part is that you have to resist the urge to make contact for a period of time.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I'll just leave him alone and move on. If he comes back then it was meant to be. If not, God has the right person out there for me.

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  • Respect his choice and leave him alone. Mayhe he will miss you maybe not. Don't clinge on that hope tough and focus on your life. If you see somebody else but think about your ex it isn't fair to the third person don't you think? Be honest with him and yourself, move on, heal and then maybe you ll realize you don t even want to get back together with your ex.

    • Thank u for ur advice. I will so jus that!

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  • Arguing so soon really isn't a very good sign. Just move on. At least it was a few days and not a few years

    • Yea well it was a little over a month and we adored each other. I understand but its like with space why can't we put the past behind and try for once and for all. I know it would be a lot better if we tried again. But thanks.

    • But he isn't willing. It takes two

    • I know. Thanks.

  • I'm starting to feel this way about my girlfriend. We usually stop having feelings after getting fed up with certain things.

    • Communication is key! Talk to her and tell her how u feel its poisoning yalls relationship. Of she cares enough, she'll work on it too. Good luck! *hugs*

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