Help!!! Why does my ex ignore me when I'm trying to talk to him through text but when we have plans to hang out he answers me then is so sweet?

When we're together?

I just don't get sometimes why he ignores me when I'm trying to talk to him? ?


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  • Because when together it might mean sex

    • But no he talks and acts like he wants a relationship with me and its not like he always says yes to hanging out

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  • Don't fool yourself. If he wants to have a relationship with you he will tell you or he will show you that and be available for you when you text him as well. Why do you text him in the first place? If he's your ex you should let him be. You broke up for a reason right? and if he s the one who dumped you he probably keeps you as a safe option until someone else comes by. Don t hurt yourself in the process. You should be the one ignoring him and look for someone else to hang out. Men usually want what they can't have, don t you know this?

    • He does show me that he wants me

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    • I really wish for you that he isn't playing you around. He is your ex and you didn't explain all the details apparently. But you 2 are back togheter now? Did he tell you that you 2 are a couple again and you agreed and you are officially a couple again that everybody knows about? otherwise I don't understand this talk about family togheter. you know better what s going on between the 2 of you but when a guy is committed to a girl and truly wants to be with her he won't ignore her messages no matter what. that I can tell you for sure.

    • He doesn't ignore my messages all the time

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  • Does he have a girlfriend or someone who he is talking to possibly? Or maybe using you for something. Those seem to be the only logical reasons why.

    • No he talks and acts like he wants a relationship with me

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    • Maybe he wants to talk but doesn't know what to say.

    • That could be it but I just made a statement how hard is that to answer

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