I really want him to talk to me.

okay met this man t the pub like last weekend and we was messing around he does boxing and he was going to teach me he found me on Facebook the night I met him and left me a mail saying if you turn up dinners on me but I didn't then we arranged another day and I didn't then he spoke that night and asked why and I said I'm lazy I went pub and he said what one I said and he just said okay I really want him to talk to me I like him and we ain't hardly spoke since that night what should I do ?


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  • That's very difficult to understand!

    Usually when you find potential boyfriends in the bar, that openly speak about being lazy and bad habbits- it would be a wise choice not to get involved with them.


    • Wat do mean I sed I was lazy.. ?

    • "That's very difficult to understand!" <-- Which is why I said that.

      Could I have you put your question in a word-editing program, then "spell check / grammar check it" ... After that, please submit an update with what the outcome is, that way I can better advise you.

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