Should I text my ex to apologize?

It's been over a year that we broke up. It was a messy and painful breakup (his family strongly opposed to our relationship). I just thought about him today and started feeling bad for him because I had told him mean things and I sure did hurt him with my actions (I let a guy he knew make a move on me and this dude and I bragged about it in front of him) and I was being as much as a bitch as his sister (she was the main reason why his parents didn't like me). I was his first girlfriend ever, and he was my first long-lasting boyfriend and my first near-love experience. We were extremely meaningful to each other and still are even though I've been hating on him since we broke up for good (we kept on getting back together and he even seriously considered transferring to my school). I was so bitter about everything but now, I have the strong feeling I should text him to apologize for what I did and say. I'm not tryna get back with him, I simply want to apologize. When I left, I had a mutual friend who told me that he was desperately trying to get over me by seeing other girls, but they "were far from my level (I'm quoting my friend quoting my ex). He texted me on Valentine's day, but I never answered. Anyways, I just want to ask him to forgive me for the pain I made him feel. Do you guys think it's the right thing to do? I'm not even expecting a reply from him. I just want him to know I'm truly sorry.


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  • I probably would have told you, @SOph5t3R, to allow these sleeping dogs to lie with this guy, had I not just Saw the 'He text me on Valentine's day...'
    I believe that you are now letting your conscientious get the best of you, and a closure is badly Needed for You to even move on.
    Yes, pour your own heart out in a Nice and heartfelt Letter to him, explaining everything you are feeling with all the dealing. This is more appropriate and will probably have more meaning if you do it in this style and maybe even make Him... Smile.
    Like every dog who his own day, every "EX" has theirs and this could be your own "Hey day."
    Good luck. xx

Valentines Day

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  • Ask yourself why you want to apologise to your ex. Is it because you secretly still like him, or is it just for self-gratification?

    You might not even get a response, would you want to risk that?

    Isn't it easier to leave it be?

    • Well, my motivation is not to get him back, feel good about myself or whatever vain reason. I just want to, I feel like it's something I should do in order to move on for good. I kept feeling bitter about it, and only now I felt relieved by the idea of saying sorry. I'm working on myself and becoming a better person and letting go off grudges is a step I need to make. I'm swallowing my pride for peace's sake.

    • Sure, leave things be is easy. But I want to fix them, not make them easy.

    • There's nothing to fix... no "friendship" or relationship. Leave it be.

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