Should I try to get back together with him?

TL;DR: Details are kind of important because its kind of complicated but in summary I date my best friend and it doesn't workout, he tries to try again, I'm still stubborn so I say no. Blah Blah blah I have no clue what to do.

So there was this guy, we had been best friends for a year. Later I found out that he had a crush on me when we first met and early in the friendship. Last year around Thanksgiving time we got together and permanetely broke up in January. We broke up briefly in between but it didn't last long and we quickly got back together. Both times he broke up with me. After the second time he broke up with me, I lost motivation to even try to get back with him. A week after we had broken up he's asking my friends about me and eventually texts me and texts me a couple times every month more or less. This goes on for the rest of the school year. He's attempting to get back with me and I'm debating on whether or not I should and then I decide not to. I actually hated him for talking to my friends and I hated him period until this summer, where he would text me and we had some fun conversations. He would ask me to hangout and I would always makeup an excuse on why I couldn't, even though I did not dislike him anymore. He called me around 20 times that summer, I only answered one of the calls. Granted, I was going through some things too.

He has told me things like, I make him feel better when he feels bad, I make him really happy, that I could have anyone I wanted, when he thought we were gonna hangout one time this summer he said he was "really excited". 2/4 he said after we had been broken up. One of my fears in general that I am just a bootycall to him, but if that was the case he wouldn't have said that right? When we broke up the second time he told me that "maybe in the future". Of course I didn't give a fuck. I think what pushed me off the edge was on social media he reblogged something that said "a girl worth wai


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  • No. It'll be more of the same. People don't change in short periods of time.

    Date other guys.


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  • No. Let him go. Move on to someone new


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