Why is it hard for some of us to move on from a certain someone?

I'm asking this as a general question. It might even help you if you're someone who's in a situation where you don't know if you should or should not move on.

I've been there. Just would like to learn and share experiences. I guess moving on to me is appropriate when the other party is not reciprocating my feelings of endearment or affection. I hope that makes sense.


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  • It's difficult for me, because there's only been one woman I felt as though I truly connected with, though I don't push to be with her (that would be wrong, especially since she is in a relationship) I still can't go a single day without thinking about her and wondering how she is and wishing her well.

    And after having felt so close and involved with her and no one else the feeling of connection with her won't die no matter how many times I've tried to kill it and no matter how hard I tried to kill it, I still miss her with all of my heart, I just try to keep my mind on other things and for the record I've had another relationship since then, but it ended, and even then I couldn't get her off my mind (it's been over two years).


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  • Signs to move on:

    1) You find yourself doubting the relationship at least 2 days of any given week. (Ex. Monday I thought we wouldn't make it... Then tuesday I thought he would break up with me).

    2) Any single day where you focus a lot on the fact of you or your significant not being together (Ex. I was sooo stressed about him calling me and then he didnt! Should I break up with him?)

    3) When you notice that he/she is not the right match for you (Ex. I'm unhappy with this relationship because it isn't what I'm looking for... OR ... I don't know if this is the right relationship for me)


    Life is about living and learning while laughing and loving. You need to make mistakes and feel consequences to learn what works and what does not. Which means that the average person will not be "in-love" with their significant other on the first try of dating; granted, there are many people that I have met which have been highschool sweethearts etc that didn't date anyone else prior.

    - There are always "Exceptions".

    It's hard to get over people for one reason- we care. We don't want to hurt their feelings or our own. It's a trade off, would you rather suffer and be minimally happy for a long time-OR- would you rather feel pain and agony for a brief period then move on?

    Fight for what you want and learn to appreciate the things around you. (I'm not saying you don't already do that). It's hard to see things as positive when you haven't experienced the all-time low.

    It's always a pleasure reeses~ Live, learn, laugh, and love,


  • It's always a little hard to just move on when a relationship with someone whom you really cared for ends. I had a really hard time moving on from my last really serious relationship. We really did stay friends after the relationship. We are still friends. She married a really great guy two years after we broke up. Although, I was very happy for her; a part of me wished I was standing with at the alter rather than being just another guest. However, everything works out for a reason. I'm engaged to a wonderful woman, and I know my fiance is the woman I was supposed to be with my entire life.


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  • Sometimes your definition is not always true. I'm trying to move on from my ex but we're both still in love with each other. We split up because he's two years younger and our situations weren't compatible. I'm finding it hard to move on because he was so perfect and I haven't met anyone who really compares.


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